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Nuestro proyecto Casa Soroa situado en Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ha salido publicado en la prestigiosa revista ARCHELLO

The house is located in Tenerife close to the coast. The principal requirement from the client was to create a big central space with water around the house, they wanted a house developed in just one floor, so we developed an L shape. In one side we located the activity area opened to the central space and on the other side the rooms and the most private area. The challenge of this project was to create a peaceful atmosphere isolated to the surroundings.

Big sliding doors aluminum gives a very intense relationship between internal and external space.Different zones outside are limited by different materials as grass, concrete, ceramic and a very large gravel band with plants. The dark swimming pool reflects the blue sky and a very ancient dragon tree.

The materials used are very neutral but a central timber element provides the warmth required. The indirect lighting over walls and furniture create a unique picture during the afternoon.


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